Announcing the Angular Space Writer Mentorship Program

Exclusive to Angular Space Registered Members!

I'm thrilled to announce the Angular Space Writer Mentorship Program, where community members can transform their article ideas into educational masterpieces with the help of industry experts.

How It Works 👇

#1 Submit Your Idea

  • Use a form to propose the article 💡 you want to write for Angular Space ( To be published soon).
  • We are going to take limited amount of ideas in phases to ensure that you are taken care of!
  • If we reject your idea you are going to receive explanation why and guidelines for selecting new idea! ( First Learning opportunity ) 🧑‍🎓

#2 Technical Review

  • Once your article idea is approved, you need to send us a draft focusing on technical educational value you want to pass ( focus on code 😄 ).
  • One (or multiple) Technical Mentors ⭐ is/are going to take care of you from now on to validate the technical correctness of the code and the concept. Ensure that the content is suitable for an article and will truly educate our readers.
  • You are already in the process, every mistake you make will be a learning opportunity 🧑‍🎓.
  • You are going to cooperate with Mentors until the result is satisfying. Mentors are going to be there to help you with every question and doubt!

#3 Content Delivery Review

  • After passing the Technical Review, we know the code is solid, and the technical message is educational.
  • Now, Content Delivery Mentors ⭐ work on clarifying descriptions, improving content delivery, adding impactful titles, and ensuring the article is both engaging, informative and well structured.
  • This is a crucial part that many don't fulfil in a correct way. You also need to learn to sell 💰 your technical expertise so it impacts highest amount of devs along the way. More fun and engaging = more views.
  • "But Views and Likes are not important or a metric of good article" - correct ✅. However without views/likes your content is going to have limited reach and your educational effort is going to impact small amount of devs ☚ī¸...
  • Once the fun and engaging part is ✅, you attracted many to read. Your content now get's exposed to the it's foundational core. The technical/educational part - the part you value the most!

#4 Final Review

  • The article undergoes a comprehensive review of both its technical and content delivery elements. Final touches are added if needed and it's queued for publication! 👏

High-Level Vision 👁ī¸

Win-Win-Win 🏆

  • We aim for impact, leveraging our expertise to maximize contributions to the open-source community. Your article will not only be a learning experience for you but also a valuable asset for Angular Space and the tech community.
  • As you navigate through each stage of the process, you'll refine your technical knowledge, learn from any mistakes, and improve upon your original ideas.
  • Learn to write in a way that is technically sound and accessible, creating content that readers can understand, enjoy, and trust.
  • Mentors will practice and enhance their mentoring skills, ensuring the high quality of the content published under Angular Space's name.
  • Angular Space gains insightful educational content, while the tech community can rely on these articles to be credible and valuable, thanks to the mentorship seal of approval.

Everyone wins! Everyone gains something in the process 😃

And of course, when your article is ready for publication, not only will your name be featured as the author, but the mentors who've supported and guided you will also be acknowledged for their contributions.

  • You can publish your work on dev/medium etc. We do not own any rights to your content. We are going to ask you for courtesy Angular Space Mentorship Program info placement + Mentors who reviewed your article at the end when you decide to publish in different places as well.

Join us in this unique mentorship opportunity to write, learn, and make a lasting impact!

Register for Waitlist now 👇

I'm going to publish the registration form soon! Make sure to keep an eye on Angular Space, E-mails, my tweets/posts on X 😎

Last Update: March 28, 2024