If you have a project which is still below Angular 16 or you think you might have one in the future.

I have created a special utility that is going to help you manage dependencies before upgrading!

View Engine dependencies, no longer compile with Angular 16+.

Angular Compatibility Compiler (NGCC) has been removed.

If you have a lot of dependencies in your project, you have to figure out if you have some old View Engine dependencies for proper planning.

Before upgrading to Angular 16+ you have to get rid of them. Checking one by one is a huge time consuming chore!

I made a utility that is going to audit your package.json and tell you what needs to be removed or upgraded if still maintained.

I'm open for PRs and if you find an issue please submit in GitHub!

If you find it useful/interesting I would be grateful for a ⭐ 🙂

GitHub - danielglejzner/ng16-dep-audit: NGCC has been removed in Angular 16. Quickly check which dependencies stop you from upgrading!
NGCC has been removed in Angular 16. Quickly check which dependencies stop you from upgrading! - danielglejzner/ng16-dep-audit


  • Checks each npm package in your project's package.json.
  • Identifies Angular packages that need to be upgraded or removed/replaced to be compatible with Angular 16 compiler.
  • Lists packages that do not have Angular dependencies or are not visible in the npm registry.


  • Make sure to run the command from a directory where you package.json is located

Basic Command

npx ng16-dep-audit

Command-Line Options

  • --style=<style>: Specifies the output style. Available styles are line (default), table, and markdown.
  • --output=<file>: Specifies the file to write the output to. If not provided, output will be displayed in the console.
  • --skip-ng (-ng): This will skip over all angular internal packages
  • --package-boundary (-pb): ensure @angular/core is included in library package.json.


  • Check dependencies and display results in a table format:

    npx ng16-dep-audit --style=table
  • Check dependencies and save the results in markdown format to a file:

    npx ng16-dep-audit --output=dependency-report.md --style=markdown

For more information on usage and options, run npx ng16-dep-audit --help.

Giant thanks for help to Jordan Hall - he increased accuracy to 99,9% in detecting View Engine dependencies. Also added custom options for outputs!

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Last Update: March 07, 2024