I'm running Angular Space and I have a vision to share!

If you don't have the time for The Full Story - TLDR;

This is A Space for all Angular Developers. Here is what you get when you visit regularly:

Publicly Available Content
  • Reviews of Courses, Books, Workshops, Educational Materials.
  • Recorded Episodes of Angular Space all in one place.
  • Insightful and unique Articles with my perspective on all things Angular and Tech world in general.
  • Great Discussion as always.
Member-only Content (Don't worry it's FREE)
  • Member only Raffles for FREE E-books, courses, workshops.
  • Member only Raffles for Discounts on E-books, courses, workshops.
  • Early Access to Courses, Workshops, Books reviews.
  • Curated Highlights from X/Twitter discussions (Summary of what the community is talking about with my private commentary)
  • Get Exclusive Sneak Peek at what's coming.
  • All of that delivered via E-mail + Members Only Section (If you decide to create Account).

The Full Story

I'm an Angular Architect and Nx Champion with around 10 years of commercial experience, known for my expertise in web architecture.

As a co-founder of Angular Bros and organizer of Angular Wroclaw, I am deeply involved in the Angular community. I have been recognized as Angular Hero of Community in 2023 at NgPoland Conf.

  • My followers base is growing all across the world. On X (Soon 5k). LinkedIn (Soon 5k), Medium (500+), Dev ( 5000+).
  • Angular Space Community on X has been making crazy numbers currently sitting at 546 members!
  • I have a bunch of articles written on Medium and Dev.
  • I have a Live Spaces episodes recordings available on Spotify and Dev.
  • I have fans scattered across many platforms, it's hard to manage for me - and for you hard to find appropriate content from Angular Space.

angularspace.com aims to fix this problem while also expanding itself to provide more and better content!

What's Cooking.

I have a lot in store for you.

Reviews of Courses, Books, Workshops, Educational Materials.

This is pretty much self explanatory but in general I decided that I am going to review all kinds of Educational Materials for you. Mainly for Angular so you can decide:

  • What is worth buying.
  • What is out there to buy.
  • If this is what you are looking for.
  • If the quality is good.
  • If great value for money requirement is checked. 💰

First up for review is Course by Joshua Morony known for his fantastic YouTube Content. Course is named Angular Start.

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